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Johanna Granda


Johanna Granda is a strategic consultant and interim manager for Pharma, Life Sciences and Healthcare. She is expert in value creation, innovation, new technologies and real-time quality monitoring.

She is founder of the quality advisory claseso: with claseso she guarantees highest quality and realibility; and an excellent service. 

Johanna has collaborated in new project conceptualization/implementation with Sanofi, GSK and Pfizer: treating subjects such as continuous manufacturing, Industry 4.0 and Process Analytical Technology (PAT) — all initiatives under the umbrella of Continuous Improvement.

In addition to Pharma and Life Sciences, Johanna is familiar with IT, telco and space technology.

Johanna holds university degrees in economics and foreign languages. She speaks fluently  German, Spanish, English, French and Catalan and has studied Latin, Italian, Russian and Mandarin. 

She is author of several papers and speaker at international congresses.

Johanna Granda
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